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Request data from over 55+ companies featured on our website to access and analyze the types of information these companies collect.


Protect & Delete

We specialize in safeguarding your data privacy by simplifying the process of submitting opt-out requests and ensuring the secure deletion of your information from companies you no longer want to share your data with.



Explore your data from a diverse range of over 10+ companies on our platform, revealing insights ranging from your most-played songs to your Instagram likes count!



Unlock the potential to monetize your data by contributing it to our DataStore, putting an end to the unfair practice of companies profiting thousands of dollars annually from your information. Start Earning today!

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Access your data from over 55+ companies

Access Your Digital Footprint

DataEarn allows you to discover what companies have your data and how to access it. We make it easy to access and manage your data.

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View your insights, behaviors, and memories

Understand Your Data

DataCards allow you to see what type of data companies are tracking and collecting. With us, you can view your data in a digestible format.

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Opt Out and Delete Your Data

Protect Your Digital Identity

Protect your digital identity by opting-out and deleting your data from unwanted companies. Data privacy is a growing concern around the world. Be a part of the data revolution.

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Start Earning Money From Your Data

Start Earning on Your Data

It's unfair that companies make thousands from your data and you don't get even the smallest percent. With our DataStore, you can start earning on the time you spend in the digital world.

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